Cobbler the Magpie
Cobbler the Magpie
Cobbler the Magpie
Cobbler the Magpie
Cobbler the Magpie
Cobbler the Magpie
Cobbler the Magpie
Cobbler the Magpie
Cobbler the Magpie
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Cobbler the Magpie

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Cobbler the Magpie is always being confused for looking like a crow. What's the difference? Cobbler's known for sticking his big yellow beak where it shouldn't be. He has wings but too this day, no one has seen him fly. He's a great plush and will provide ours of love and entertainment for years. Magpies are known to steal, and Cobbler the Magpie is sure to steal your heart! This adorable magpie is all set to come home to your home or the home of a child. He’s looking all dapper in his red and white outfit. This little fellow makes the perfect gift.

Cobbler's a great gift for kids, friends, spouse, relatives or simply something unique to give to that special someone. Perfect for Valentine's Day, Birthdays, and Holidays or just to cheer someone up. Cobbler also makes a great stocking stuffer. Get him while he lasts! And as always...FREE SHIPPING!!                                               

What else do you get with Cobbler the Magpie….Let’s see!!!

You also get a packet of six stickers (each one representing a specific Friend) two -yes, two friendship bracelets and finally an app game you can play anytime and anywhere you like on the Google Play Station web site. Go to either



Cobbler's Features

  • Cobbler has oversized feet so he can stand alone
  • Bright red cap with white fur ball sticking out
  • Big yellow beak
  • Bright white T-shirt
  • Eyes sown in (nothing comes loose.)
  • Black wide wings
  • Bright red pants
  • Real white shoe strings
  • Small black tail in the back
  • Hats, clothes etc... are sewn on. No loose parts whatsoever.

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Product reviews:

Jared P:  This toy is great and is really well made. Don't have to worry about stitching as everything is nicely sown on. 

Carol L: I wanted the Bear but my daughter luved the crow so I got one for each of us. You're never to old to have one of these cute plush.

U. Jared: This plush is SUPER! 

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