Are these products safe for children considering all the things we hear about concerning lead, phthalates and other things?


Here at the Bear Bucket Friends, we understand that we have the important

responsibility of delivering safe and quality toy products to both our

customers and retailers who sell our products. We take this responsibility

quite seriously.


Prior to each order, samples from each of our product lines are sent to an

Independent Laboratory to perform testing evaluations on the materials that

will be used for that specific order. With each and every order that is placed

with our manufacturers, there must be a separate test prior to the

commencement of that order as well as spot checks.



What's so unique about each of the friends?


Each of the friends receive quality workmanship from head to toe. You will notice that the eyes are sewn on, bow ties are attached and even the shoestrings are real.

Who is behind these new products called Bear Bucket Friends?


That would be the owner, Douglas Robertson. Douglas has had years of

experience in the plush business providing on/pack and fulfillment services

for Fortune Five Hundred Companies. He has traveled the world visiting Toy

Trade shows and from his years of market research, came up with this idea.

Or, should we say "his dog did!"


The story goes that one day his dog "Max" picked up one of the plush

samples that Doug had just picked up in Germany and proceeded to drop it

into a open Tupperware container that was on the floor. From there, Doug's

imagination was kick started and he thought, "Why not have a toy that

comes in a container where there will be no waste." The CD idea came along

later and low and behold, after years of testing, the Bear Buckets Friends was