Curious Digger

Curious Digger of the 'BBC' (BearBucketsClub) has a reason to be extra curious. His sensitive nose tells him that something is not altogether right. His fur on the back of his neck always stands up when there is a mystery to be solved. 

He is out in his Magic Woods, investigating a strange sound. A clicking sound that he can't make out exactly. The sound is a familiar sound, one that he has heard before, but not in the woods! If only his friend Floyd the Fox was with him on this detective adventure. Floyd is so smart, he would know what was making that clicking sound. Digger's club members, Floyd the Fox, Sherman the Skunk and Bernie the Bear had another mission to attend to that day, so Digger will have to solve the mystery sounds on his own. 

There it goes again. Click, click, clickity, click, click, click. Digger detects a few smells and he knows there is something furry hiding behind a big old oak tree but that sound, it's bouncing off all the trees and rocks and he is confused from where it is coming from. Then Digger remembered that sound. It used to come from a garage where he used to live before living in BearBucketsVille. A garage where they fixed things that he used to chase down the streets. He stopped chasing those things when one of them ran over his toes. 

There is no garage in the woods. What is it that is making that sound? A voice from behind the big oak tree said, "It's me. It's me who is making the sound." "Who is me," Digger wanted to know? 

From behind the tree, a bunny hopped into view. A frightened bunny who wondered if Digger was going to chase him and cause him harm? Shivering from being scared and making that clicking noise again, "Please don't hurt me," the bunny pleaded. "My name is Digger the Dog and I would never hurt you bunny, I would like to be your friend." 

Immediately the noise stopped. "I'm sorry, I can't help it," said the bunny. I do it when I'm scared. My mamma said I sound like a ratchet wrench in the mans garage when I'm scared." "That's it! You do sound like a ratchet wrench. That's it exactly," Digger said. Then the bunny wondered out loud, "Did you really mean it, when you said you wanted to be my friend?" "Of course I did," said Digger. Not only my friend, but a friend to all my friends in the club. The BearBucketClub. Are you ready for some Magic," Digger asked? 

"What kind of magic," bunny wondered? "The kind that will make everybody your friend," Digger told him. When the bunny said yes, he was asked to close his eyes and be ready for a big surprise. Closing his eyes tight, bunny wished to be everyone's friend. Slowly opening his eyes, his nose twitched and he saw that he was now a plush loveable rabbit. He began click, click, clicking with happiness. He made the noise with his two front teeth. The noise mystery was solved.

Digger began laughing and he announced that from this day forward, he no longer would be known as a scared bunny but a loveable, friendly adorable rabbit known as 'Ratchet the Rabbit'. The newest member of the BearBucketClub. 

"Wait till you meet your new friends," Digger told him. "There is Bernie the Bear, Sherman the Skunk and Floyd the Fox and I'm Digger the Dog! 

Ratchet was so excited! He looked down at his cute outfit and began click, click, clickity, clicking just like a ratchet wrench. It was because of his magical happiness and the excitement of all the adventures that would soon begin, as the newest member of the BearBucketClub. be continued....

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